Poem means rhymes while ‘muse’ means music. Music and poem are ever inseparable and have an equal position in this group. Poemuse was specifically formed by several artists from different backgrounds including soprano, tenor, pianist, and dancer and presents any work created by Indonesian poets and musicians.

Poemuse always comes on the stages with four main personnels. Their first and second performances were held in Bandung and in May 2017, Poemuse had an opportunity to perform in Makassar International Writers Festival 2017 at the stage Fort Rotterdam, Makassar.

Poemuse’s first performance was on August 7, 2016, at the auditorium of Institut Francais Indonesia, in Bandung. They brought up the poems into music written by Sapardi Djoko Damono, Sanusi Pane, and other poets that have arranged by some prominent composers such as Ananda Sukarlan, Mochtar Embut, RAJ Soedjasmin, etc. This debut was well-appreciated by various audiences.

Poemuse was initiated by Adrian Benn. It was originally arranged to be his farewell performance before his departure to Stockholm for taking master study in music and technology. Poemuse came with a motivation to find the way out from any routine in making art which means by desire to present any different performance that differs from what each personnel usually does. It is particularly to bring up and create a collaborative performance with poems and musical works of Indonesian composers as its main materials.

Poemuse believes that music and literature can be composed into new forms since they have not been or less explored by Indonesian artists. Poetry musicalization is one of artistic forms that already reach its popularity, but the spaces for an exploration remain numerous. Aggregation between music and poetry itself has given many possibilities, moreover when it’s enriched by other artistic forms. By accommodating dance, literature, music, acting, and fine arts or even multimedia arts, we’re sure to bring up not only widespread but also unlimited room for exploration.

Within the process of making art, Poemuse works in collaboration with many parties in the field of performing arts.